Episode 264: Future Power Rankings

Marc and Jay reveal their 2048-49 future power rankings, listener questions, getting ready for training camp, and more

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13 thoughts on “Episode 264: Future Power Rankings

  1. Good show guys. 2 questions I wanna ask is Melo gonna end up with a better career than dwayne wade. And can a Mark Gasol addition make us a championship team.


  2. What do you guys think about this Phil Jackson Quote?
    “Q: How do you plan to try to get through to J.R. Smith to put an end to all his immature on- and off-the-court antics?
    A: I don’t know if that’s possible or not. He might be one of those guys that’s a little bit like Dennis Rodman that has an outlier kind of side to him. But I’m gonna get to know him as we go along, and we’ll find a way to either make him a very useful player on our organization, or whatever.”

    Jackson has a great sense of humour, doesn’t he?


  3. Hey Mark and Jay heard the podcast and heard ya mofos mention bill burr podcast. let me say it is the funniest podcast ever if u want to sample it just utube bill burr podcast advise and trust me your subway ride or walk back home will go much faster if u think people commenting on marks fetishes for black mandingos is weird wait till u hear the crazy stuff they write to bill burr podcast


  4. Mark have u ever told anybody else about the strap on, super hard ramming rumors about u ( wife, friend , bri, exa ) if u did what was their reaction ? (Don’t want to be funny sorry if it sounds that way)


  5. Love the show, after downloading the last episode and hearing the bootyramming segment again. I wonder what do your sponsors think about it? Does your executive producer just ignore it? I have never heard such a segment in any other podcast.

    Ps I am interested tho 50,000,000 gay guys can’t all be wrong right. Wink


  6. I notice u guys are giving advise now since there is no knicks news and u don’t want to make the podcast boring. Here is my problem. I am a new temp at a accounting office and my boss is openly gay which is ok. Recently we have been playing basketball pickup games with some of the guys at work. I like it I am connecting and getting to know my coworkers and now I don’t sit alone at lunch anymore the problem is everything we play basketball my boss slaps my butt. I know that is commen among athletes as I see it in the nba a lot but everytime I score my openly gay boss slaps my ass and hard to I feel very uncomfortable but am scared to say anything because 1 he is my boss and 2 cause I don’t want people to think I’m a homopobic person. Last time he slapped my I swear I felt him grabbing a cheek. what should I do !!!!!!!!


  7. Guys do u watch the wwe wrestling ?

    And I switch my cable company to time Warner Cable I hate it they raised the rates on my wifi so I had to bundle with TWC cable those Jew basterds . and I recently found out I might have to get a new modem wifi box router cause TWC will upgrade the speed of the Internet for free but the current box TWC customers have my not be compatible for the new speeds AGAIN TWC THE JEW I actually found a great website called infowars it all makes more sense now. Any way good show guys


  8. Mark how has your life changed since u become the star of brink of sanity podcast and some would strongly suggest even knicks podcast ,certainly u seem to connect with the LGBT community.


  9. Are u guys going to watch the preseason ? And I have really high hopes.I believe the knicks will make the ECF I really do, I only see the cavs being a challenge but something about this season to me seems special. #PHILJACKSONERA


  10. SAW CAVS SCRIMIGE GAME. lebron and Irving look scary together I’m a lebron hater and die hard knicks fan will these be the heat all over again ? And mark since u are the star/ sweetheart of the show have u ever though of just giving jay a 2% royalty on all the podcast revenue and hire jay as a employe. Or Mabey a solo career. Mark presents knicks podcast . ( has a ring to it ) We all know who the Beyoncé of the group is here lmao. No, on a real note jay to my understanding u are responsible for all the social media and content of the show thanks.

    Disclaimer : I am not mark and am not a friend or associate with mark. Lol


  11. I’m so happy knicks will be ecf champs and I will lose my v card this weekend I know this is to much info, but I made it my mission to let the world know. mark and Jay I have a question should I blow it in my girls face and make some lasting memories ? Or should I just make eye contact on top of her or should I do as many positions as I can as I watch in pornhub hd section. I’m so happy knicks,phil Jackson era and no more high definition porn for me


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