Episode 265: Learning the Fundamentals

Marc and Jay talk about the start of preseason, the triangle offense, who we expect to improve on offense and defense, a few of Melo’s questionable statements, expectations for the season and much more

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5 thoughts on “Episode 265: Learning the Fundamentals

  1. Watching preseason game knicks vs celtics Knicks have already passed more this preseason than all of last season. Lol PS mark u are not the star u are a cocky bunnyclown


  2. FUCK ANDREA BERNAGTI I HATE HIM !!! Get it together Andrea mark since u are the star of brink of sanity use your Hollywood connections and call up Andrea and tell him he better get it together!!!!!! Rrrrrrrrrrrrr hit it with the left hit with the right I’m gonna beat the pussy up like fight night


  3. Being back mike Woodson at least he got ejected a couple of times Derek fisher show some FUCKEN passion It’s pre season and felt like I was watching old typical knicks MAD!!! If knicks lose on Saturday TRADE EVERYBODY GONE REBUILD !!!!!!!’ Ps mark what is your grinder account username


  4. Guys I don’t know how Melos gonna play in the triangle. I’ve been watching Melos whole career and when he doesn’t get the ball for a couple of poessions he begs for the ball and jacks up an inefficient shot. I’m hoping I’m wrong and plays like Olympic Melo


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