2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 2

After the Bulls game I thought I’d be posting a very angry bitter power rankings with week, but after nice wins against the Cavs and Hornets I’m pretty excited about this team.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo He didn’t play well against the Bulls but no one did. Melo got hit 20,000th point against the Hornets which is a nice milestone to hit. I also love how Fisher is keeping Melo to around 35 minutes, even in close games. Should mean Melo has gas left in the tank to close out games. 1
2 Shumpert, Iman Not sure when it happened, but Shumert learned how to shoot. This is huge for the Knicks as our trifecta of SG’s were all very one dimensional. Adding a 2nd dimension to his defense is very encouraging. 4
3 Larkin, Shane Shane gets the 3rd spot for getting thrown into the starting PG position and holding his own. This could have gone much worse, but Shane kept his composure and put up some decent numbers. 9
4 Smith, J.R. JR has behaved all week! I didn’t see too many turn around fadeaway three point shots. He’s passing as well. I have no faith it’ll last but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. 3
5 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare looks like he’s at least facing the right way on defense, which in his case is a huge improvement. He even got a double double against the Hornets in just 23 minutes. Keep bathing in wine or whatever crazy thing is keeping your body healthy. 2
6 Acy, Quincy A month ago I wouldn’t have guessed Acy would be our starting PF, but he’s fit in nicely. Playing defense and grabbing boards while sporting a cool beard? I’m in. 8
7 Dalembert, Samuel Dalembert didn’t play much against the Cavs, but that was for matchup reasons. It’s nice having a coach that, notices things like matchups. When Sam does play he’s shown the ability to pass out of the post and to stay in front of opposing players. He doesn’t get nearly as many rebounds as Tyson, but I don’t feel this is a huge downgrade from the cranky hobbled Tyson we had last season. 7
8 Prigioni, Pablo Priggy has also stepped into his increased role nicely, doing Priggy things for 20+ minutes a game. Hard to believe Felton played over him last season. 10
9 Smith, Jason Smith might be the best of our three slow lumbering white guys who can hit the midrange shot. 11
10 Aldrich, Cole Cole’s been rebounding at a rate of 14.2 rebounds per 36 minutes. Advanced stats! 13
11 Hardaway Jr., Tim It looks like Hardaway is going to be the odd man out in the SG rotation until he figures out a way to cover anyone. I’m fine with that. 6
12 Wear, Travis From destined to play in the D-league to covering LeBron James 48 hours later. And he did a good job. It’s already a crazy season. 15
13 Calderon, Jose Obviously Jose is only this low because he hasn’t played yet. I’m very excited to see what this team looks like with Calderon on the court. 5
14 Early, Cleanthony Early might be joining Wear in the D-league for some development. He’s raw but has a lot of potential. 14
15 Bargnani, Andrea Take your time getting better Bargs. Don’t rush back and risk getting reinjured. In fact, you should probably take the rest of the season off to make sure you’re really ready to go in 2016. 12


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