2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 5

4 games and 3 losses this week. At least the Knicks found a way to beat Philly, even if they did almost blow a 20 point lead to one of the worst teams of all time. They also lost to a team who was missing 4 starters and the 1 starter who did play had the flue and a broken wrist and still managed to drop 37 points on the Knicks. Rage. Remember my comment last week about not being able to win without Melo? Well we may find out if that’s true or not this coming week.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Another highly productive week for Melo, which ended in back spasms. I’m guessing Melo will set a game or two to get healthy for the Knicks playoff push. Playoffs…hahaha. 1
2 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare was the only player on this roster other than Melo who was able to string together more than one good game in a row this week. I’m not going to bother bringing up the defense anymore. He’s been scoring and rebounding which is what he needs to do. 8
3 Wear, Travis Wear was the Knicks best bench player this week. In related news the Knicks are 4-11. 6
4 Acy, Quincy Quincy isn’t expected to do much other than rebound, and in that regard he doesn’t disappoint. He’s been playing exactly to expectations. 4
5 Prigioni, Pablo It was just a week ago that I was talking about Priggys slump. Looks like he snapped out of it and might push Larkin out of the rotation if he keeps it up. 10
6 Dalembert, Samuel We have one real center on this team and he’s almost out of the rotation. I’m having a hard time understanding Fishers rotations. Sam has been decent in the 16-20 minutes a game he plays. 3
7 Hardaway Jr., Tim Hardaway had 1 really good game this week. Everyone below him did not. 12
8 Larkin, Shane I have a feeling the Larkin experiment is coming to an end soon. He looked good against Houston but not so much against the Wolves and Bucks and he was benched against the 76ers. 5
9 Calderon, Jose If we’re not going to defend anyone anyway I’m glad to have a PG that can pass and shoot on the court. Welcome back Jose. 14
10 Shumpert, Iman I think Shumpert came back too early from his injury. This was a week Iman would probably like to forget as soon as possible. 9
11 Smith, J.R. We all knew JR wouldn’t last at the top of the standings. I think even the hardest JR defenders are starting to grumble at this point. 2
12 Smith, Jason I think Fisher wants to eliminate Jason and about 7 other players from the rotation. Unfortunately someone has to play so Smith will be one of many players that get about 12 minutes a game because Fisher can’t play his starters 48 minutes. 7
13 Aldrich, Cole Cole is pretty much waiting for someone to get injured at this point. 11
14 Early, Cleanthony With Calderon back Early isn’t even suiting up. This would be a good time to give Early some run in the D-league. 13
15 Bargnani, Andrea Speaking of the D-league, is there an extra spot for Bargs? Maybe the competition there would be a better match for Bargs. 15



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