2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 7

Had some computer issues to the rankings are a day late this week. That also means an extra game is included in this weeks rankings giving us a record 5 losses to take into consideration for this weeks rankings. The Knicks now have more losses than Philly. I can’t believe after 23 games I was able to type that sentence. We also got to learn that the team hates each other and is falling apart behind the scenes. Good news if you’re are all about the #1 draft pick.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Wear, Travis No one had a good week this week, but Travis played the least amount of minutes out of the healthy players. That means he was the least detrimental to this team. 3
2 Aldrich, Cole Cole looked like he was in danger of increased playing time, increasing his chance of sucking, but after playing 18 minutes against the Nets logged 8 minutes in the next 4 games, thus being the 2nd least detrimental to this team. 13
3 Larkin, Shane Shane is out of the rotation, playing zero minutes against the Blazers and Pelicans, almost guaranteeing his turnovers and points scored against him will decrease. 5
4 Acy, Quincy This is my 4th week in a row putting Acy at the #4 spot and no one seems to have noticed. Kind of like how opposing teams don’t notice when he’s on the court. 4
5 Stoudemire, Amar’e I know what you are saying, but STAT got so many boards and pointzzzz!!!! He also led the league in flexing under the basket after a dunk while his opponents get an uncontested layup or basking in the glow of his dunk during the next 3 plays in which he gets 2 turnovers and a foul. 6
6 Prigioni, Pablo Prigioni can do something none of our shooting guards can do, and that is shoot. 7
7 Calderon, Jose So it looks like Calderon is now going to alternate between looking great and looking washed up. Still better than most of these knuckleheads. 1
8 Anthony, Carmelo Holding the ball for a last second shot against Cleveland when down by 3? After missing the last 7 game winning shots you were that confident you’d hit that one? Keep trying to build that brand asshole. 2
9 Hardaway Jr., Tim THJ got slightly better on defense and much worse on offense. Can’t anyone on this team develop a skill without losing another skill? 11
10 Smith, J.R. He still jacks up terrible shots but at least he passes the ball as well. JR, the guy who has never seen a shot opportunity he didn’t like looks like Steve Nash compared to Melos ballhoggery. 12
11 Smith, Jason I complain about Jason Smith’s bricks but looking at the box score he’s actually shooting at a higher clip than any of our “shooters”. 10
12 Shumpert, Iman Holy mother of god Shumpert has been bad on offense. What the hell happened to this guy? The Knicks said no to OKC’s 1st round pick and Toronto’s Kyle Lowry proposals for this guy. 9
13 Dalembert, Samuel Somewhere between game 6 and 11 Dalembert became completely incapable of staying in front of any opposing player to the point where Fisher is trying to figure out how to bench our only true center (Fisher still hasn’t realized Aldrich is a center). 8
14 Early, Cleanthony Get healthy so I can put you at the top of the standings. 14
15 Bargnani, Andrea What is up with Bargs? Durant fractured his foot, rehabbed, and played a bunch of games during the time Bargs suffered his mystery injury. 15



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