2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 20

Four games and four losses this week, with 3 of them being disgusting blowouts. It all makes sense when you take a look at the Knicks top 5 players this week. These last 20 games are going to really drag, especially if you’re looking forward to arguably the most interesting western conference playoffs we’ve ever seen.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Bargnani, Andrea Bargnani looked great in the two games against the Pacers. Like really good. And he didn’t look good in the Kings and Nuggets game. Reason 415 why I don’t want the Knicks to sign Hibbert, who was held to 3 points and 0-6 shooting. Against Bargs. 1
2 Shved, Alexey I am quickly becoming a Shvedhead. He’s by far the best on this team at drawing fouls, and he can rebound and pass. He even found his shot against the Nuggets. 5
3 Larkin, Shane Larkin had an OK week. He led the team in assists in two of the four games and didn’t turn the ball over too much. 8
4 Amundson, Lou Lou missed a game with back spasms and then played 14 minutes off the bench and managed to get more rebounds than our starting PF that game (Smith 1 board in 21 minutes). 2
5 Galloway, Langston Galloway had 2 decent games but he also managed to get a +/- of -40 against the Kings. How is that even possible? 4
6 Aldrich, Cole Cole led the team in rebounding in 3 of the 4 games, twice playing 20 minutes or less. I know the bar isn’t set very high with our starting backcourt, but why isn’t he in our starting backcourt? 10
7 Smith, Jason I think I ran out of nice things to say already. Smith managed a zero and a 1 rebound game this week. This is half of our starting backcourt. When Bargs is the rebounder on the team you have a problem. 6
8 Early, Cleanthony Early looked like an actual NBA player against the Nuggets. That NBA player would be a 10th or 11th man, but that’s still progress. 9
9 Calderon, Jose Calderon moves up because 1. He’s helping with the tank by not playing and 2. I couldn’t justify putting anyone else here. They’ve all been that bad. 13
10 Wear, Travis I think his career peaked with doing a decent job at covering LeBron. It’s looking like we’ll be parting ways in 20 games. 12
11 Acy, Quincy I’m guessing the play from Acy earlier in the season was a fluke because he doesn’t even look like an NBA player anymore. 11
12 Thomas, Lance Thomas went 3-16 in the first 3 games this week and was of course promoted to starter….where he went 1-7. 7
13 Hardaway Jr., Tim Wow, that was fast. 1 good week and we’re back to complete crap. THJ literally can’t do anything else on the court and he had games of 2-7, 5-17, and 0-9 before hurting his back. 3
14 Anthony, Carmelo Should we start calling him Amare Stoudemire 2.0, Eddy Curry 3.0 or Allan Houston 4.0? 14



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