2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 18

I included the Wizards game in this weeks rankings since doing a rankings on 1 game would be dumb. So now we get to add two losses and a win to that Wizards game.  The Knicks added Jimmer, which sadly enough is the only bright spot. The team looks demoralized and the playoffs look like a pipe dream.  Here’s your damn rankings.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Melo is looking really frustrated lately.   You can imagine why. He’s playing really well lately, assisting at a career high rate and .1 rebounds away from a career high rebound rate, but most of the team, as usual, stinks. 4
2 Lopez, Robin The last two games Robin has looked crazy good.   It’s amazing what happens when you get your center involved on the offensive end, something Chandler never got to experience. 1
3 Porzingis, Kristaps The shot is still up and down and now the rebounding has come down a bit, but Porzingis is clearly the 3rd best player on this team. 2
4 Galloway, Langston I’m trying to forget about his zero point performance against the Raptors (1 of 3 Knicks guards to do that on the same night!).   At least he can defend, something the rest of the backcourt can’t claim. 5
5 Thomas, Lance Lance didn’t get zero points against the Raptors, but he did against the Nets on 0-5 shooting. That’s still good enough for a top 5 spot this week.  That’s how bad this team has been. 6
6 Williams, Derrick Williams is down to 12 minutes a game. He hasn’t done anything really good, but nothing really aggravating either. 7
7 Grant, Jerian Grant hasn’t looked good, but he literally couldn’t be worse than what Calderon and Sasha have been doing. Let him get some run and develop. 8
8 Afflalo, Arron I’m really starting to think Arron played way over his head at the beginning of the season and this is the real Afflalo.   And the real Afflalo aint good. 3
9 Fredette, Jimmer Jimmer hit a shot. His only shot because the coach wouldn’t give him run in a 20 point blowout until there was 2 minutes left in the game.  It’s OK, it’s not like we only have 10 days to see if he can play with the big boys. N/A
10 O’Quinn, Kyle Is anyone still reading at this point?   Everyone else on this list has been an absolute bum. 11
11 Seraphin, Kevin Well Seraphin had 1 decent game so of course he was benched the last two. 12
12 Amundson, Lou Hi Lou! 13
13 Early, Cleanthony Getting shot has been more valuable to this team than the last two guys. 14
14 Calderon, Jose Who’s the worst starting PG in the league?   Who’s a bad PG? Yes you are!  Yes you are! 10
15 Vujacic, Sasha Sasha didn’t score this week. He played in 3 of the 4 games and had zero points in over 30 minutes. 9



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