2017/18 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 2

I thought it would take a little longer to get this down on the Knicks, but they are already one of only 3 teams in the NBA without a win after two 20 point blowouts and one blown 20 point lead.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Porzingis, Kristaps Porzingis was terrible against the Celtics but he gets a pass for looking pretty incredible in games 1 and 2. 1
2 Kanter, Enes If you blinked during the first quarter of game 3 you would have missed 8 rebounds by Kanter. He finished with 19. If he could develop even leauge average defense the Knicks could really have something here. 3
3 O’Quinn, Kyle O’Quinn looked like a solid backup in games 1 and 2, but was only given 6 minutes in game 3. I get Hernangomez needs minutes but I figured that would wait until KOQ hit a slump. 6
4 Sessions, Ramon Sessions hasn’t looked very good, but he’s ranked this high because I’m taking into account he’s a backup being thrust into a starting role. Considering that he’s been OK. 12
5 Lee, Courtney Lee’s best days are clearly behind him, but he’s not terrible, which is more than I can say for almost everyone ranked below him. 4
6 Hernangomez, Willy Willy was finally free’d on Tuesday and responded with 12 pints in 11 minutes. The 3 fouls weren’t great but he deserves minutes. Too bad the only guys on the team playing well all play the same position. 5
7 McDermott, Doug McDermott was OK this week. That’s about the end of the semi-positive comments. It gets real ugly from here on out folks. 9
8 Baker, Ron Baker’s minutes have decreased every game. I’m thinking he might fall completely out of the rotation when Ntilikina comes back. 11
9 Dotson, Damyean Dotson played 5 minutes against the Celtics and didn’t do anything terrible. The longest streak any Knicks bench player has had so far. 13
10 Ntilikina, Frank Anyone else getting worried that Frank has been injured pretty much constantly since the ink dried on his contract? 10
11 Beasley, Michael I think I’m much higher on Beasley than most people. Lets see how long that lasts. 8
12 Jack, Jarrett Jack was unleashed against the Celtics. The Celtics were not impressed. Neither was I. Bad sign for Kuz though, as someone is getting cut in 9 games. 15
13 Thomas, Lance Everyone who asked for me to issue an apology for shredding Lance Thomas last season officially owes me an apology. 7
14 Kuzminskas, Mindaugas I like Kuz, but it’s looking like his season trajectory is going to be 9 more games in a suit and then the unemployment line. 14
15 Hardaway Jr., Tim THJ has been beyond garbage. I mean there is literally nothing he’s done that can even be mistaken as mediocre. Who would have thought paying double market value for an average-at-best player would have backfired. 2
16 Noah, Joakim Well look at this. The Knicks two highest paid players are at the bottom two spots. And this is why the Knicks stink and won’t be any better any time soon. 16



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