2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 8

An up a down week.  There was the Utah game where the Knicks got spanked, the Kings game that the Knicks should have won, and the Portland game where they finally did win.  A lot of shake ups in the rankings this week as Porzingis terrible week gets him dethroned, and O’Quinn gets out of the doghouse and shoots up the standings.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Yeah he was bad in Utah, but who wasn’t.  Melo was crazy good in Portland with arguably his best outing of the season. Lets hope we see more games like that. 3
2 Afflalo, Arron It’s nice having another scoring option, Afflalo hasn’t been amazing, but he’s been fairly reliable and consistent, something no one else on the team currently has. 2
3 O’Quinn, Kyle I don’t know what to make of this, KOQ had a great week, grabbed a ton of boards, and even had a 7-8 night against Portland.  Why does Fisher bench him for weeks at a time? 13
4 Thomas, Lance Never thought I’d ever put Thomas this high.  Does this count as my apology? 7
5 Vujacic, Sasha This is like the bizarro standings.  I still think we’d be better off if Sasha were in a suit, but I can’t deny how good he was this week.  Sasha almost led a comeback in Utah after a no show by the starters. 14
6 Lopez, Robin There are spurs where Robin looks like he’s being a little more aggressive on offense.  Still solid defense. I’m gussing the 20MPG is to try and keep him from getting injured. 8
7 Williams, Derrick Stupid Hair Mcgee had some decent minutes in limited playing time.  And his hair is still stupid. 6
8 Porzingis, Kristaps This hurts. Terrible week for Staps though.  I’m not terribly worried yet, but another week of and I’ll probably be in full panic mode. 1
9 Calderon, Jose Well that was a fun two weeks of having Jose look like a real PG.  But now we’re back to crappy, washed up looking Jose. 4
10 Galloway, Langston Whatever is wrong with Galloway needs to be fixed immediately.  The guard rotation is way too thin to have Galloway playing like this. 10
11 Amundson, Lou Lou looked good against Utah, so of couse he’s been benched since. 12
12 Grant, Jerian Yeah Grant has looked like crap, but we can’t find any minutes for him?  It’s not like Jose has been playing well this week. 9
13 Seraphin, Kevin I know Seraphin and O’Quinn are redundant, but it’s weird how Fisher alternates weeks with those two. Pick one! 5
14 Early, Cleanthony Early still looks into like he has a good attitude on the bench despite not even suiting up this week. 11


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