2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 9

The Knicks go 3-1 this week.  In keeping with their trend, no more than 2 or 3 guys are allowed to play really well in any single game.  Fortunately for the Knicks 1 of those guys has been Melo all week, and when Melo plays really well the Knicks have a great chance at winning.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo This was an easy call.  Melo shot lights out against the Magic and Bulls.  He didn’t have a great shooting night against the Wolves, but had a season high in assists, 1 shy of a triple double.  The Knicks look like a playoff team when Melo is firing on all cylindars. 1
2 Thomas, Lance What insane world are we living in where Lance Thomas has been the Knicks 2nd best player AND the Knicks won most of the games?  I’m finally convinced, sorry for all the hate Lance.  I’ll add my newly found surplus of hate to the Vujacic section. 4
3 Afflalo, Arron Until the dud against the Magic Arron has been a legit 2nd scoring option next to Melo. It says a lot that the one game this week he couldn’t get it going was the 1 game the Knicks lost. 2
4 O’Quinn, Kyle The basketball gods giveth and the basketball gods taketh away.  O’Quinn was becoming a really key part of the bench until he was held out of the Magic game with an undesclosed ankle injury.  When the Knicks don’t disclose an injury it usually means something bad.  Kyle is probably getting his foot amputated. 3
5 Galloway, Langston Looks like Galloway is slowly coming out of his slump, giving the backcourt some much needed support.  And the better Langston plays, the less we have to see of Sasha. 10
6 Porzingis, Kristaps Porzingis still can’t get his shot going, but he’s been helping out in other ways.  Like his 7 blocks against the Wolves.  He also sported a positive +/- in every game this week, something no one else on the team did. 8
7 Williams, Derrick Stupid Hair Mcgee had some nice moments this week, especially against the Philadelphia D-leaguers.  He’s going to have to keep this up.  He needs his next contract to be big since he just got $700,000 worth of jewelry stolen from him by two club skanks. 7
8 Lopez, Robin Some games Robin looks OK, and some games Nikola Vucevic absolutely destroys him. 6
9 Calderon, Jose I guess Calderon has about 1 good looking week per month left in the tank.  This was not that 1 good week. 9
10 Grant, Jerian Grant looked a little better this week.  He even got some crunch time minutes against the Magic.  He should continue to play 15 minutes a game, it’s not like anyone else in the backcourt is worth of stealing his minutes. 12
11 Seraphin, Kevin His play this week is about as memorable as this comment is going to be. 13
12 Amundson, Lou It looks like Lou is only getting in if there is an injury or the game is a complete blowout.  That says something about our depth this year compared to last year when Lou played 21 minutes a game and started in 35 games. 11
13 Early, Cleanthony Early only suited up for 1 game this week and got a DNP-CD.  Still better than what Sasha did. 14
14 Vujacic, Sasha 3 games played, a grand total of 0-7 from the field and a +/- of -22.  Barf. 5



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